Pre-Conference Training Sessions - October 16, 2018
A.M Session: Understanding Construction Plans and Managing Construction Projects

David Applegate, Kiely Construction
Bill Bleiler, Keystone Engineering Group

P.M. Session: Labs, Samples, Results and Reporting (Contact Vendor for Presentation)

Sharon Ercoliani - Operations Manager/Lab Manager
Cindy Brandecker - Project Manager

Wednesday Session Handouts - 10/17/2018

9:30 – 10:00                 Challenges & Opportunities on the Horizon for Water & Wastewater Professionals
                                      Michael J. Barnes, President, NJWA Board of Directors,
                                      Middlesex Water Company


10:00 – 10:30              Water & Wastewater Infrastructure Financing Options 
                                  Christine Schmelzle
, USDA Rural Development                            


11:00 – 11:45             Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: Using Drones to Inspect Water & Wastewater Infrastructure
                                   David Chanda, Phillip Cap - Suburban Consulting Engineers, Inc.


11:45 – 12:00              Briefing:  Cybersecurity Threat Status 
                                    Krista Valenzuela, NJ Cybersecurity & Communications Integration Cell, NJOHSP

Afternoon - Wednesday – October 17, 2018

Water Operations


1:30 – 3:30           Safe Drinking Water Act Regulatory Update:      (Coming Soon) 

The Water Quality Accountability Act, Update on New Maximum

Contaminant Levels, Unregulated Maximum Contaminant Levels,

UCMR4, Lead & Copper Rule Highlights from 2018, Licensed

Operator Program, eMOR Update, and Stakeholder Participation,

DWSRF Updates (LSL Funding & Asset Management),

Other Current Regulatory Issues

                                       Angela M. Muzeni-Corino, NJ Department of Environmental

                                      Protection, Water System Operations Element

                                       Laura Scatena, NJ Department of Environmental Protection

Water System Operations Element

Afternoon - Wastewater Session, Wednesday October 17, 2018


Wastewater Operations


1:30 – 3:30           Using Peracetic Acid for Wastewater Disinfection

                             Chris Jepson, Van Cleef Engineering Associates, Inc.


                             Successful I & I Reduction Strategies 

          Fred Haufler, Exeter Supply Company, Inc.


                             Sealing Lateral Connections

                             Fred Haufler, Exeter Supply Company, Inc.


Thursday - 10/18/2017 (Cyber Track) (Coming Soon)

      9:00 – 9:45               Federal Cybersecurity Tools & Resources 
                                       Karen Edwards-Lindsey, US EPA Water Security Division

                     9:45 – 10:15           State Level Tools & Resources for Cyber Security Plans / Program
                                                     Krista Valenzuela, NJ Cybersecurity & Communication Integration Cell, NJOHSP

      10:45 – 11:15        NJ Security Best Practices Overview / Cyber Security
                                     Robert Fullagar, Middlesex Water Company,  IAC Water Sector Chair 

     11:15 – 12:00           Going Forward: Cyber Threat Preparedness - Programmatic Activities 
                                       Matthew Maffei,
NJ Department of Environmental Protection
                                       Brian Beam, NJ Board of Public Utilities

Thursday – October 18, 2018

Water & Wastewater Operations



                                      9:00 – 9:45                GIS in the Field & Office for the Water Quality Accountability & More
                                                                        Michael Kolody, Maser Consulting 
                                    9:45 – 10:15              Obtaining High-Accuracy GPS Location Data 
Using Mobile Devices
                                                                       Christopher M. Kobos, Kevin Gildea - H2M Architects & Engineers

                                    10:45 – 11:15            Okay, Now What?  Making Use of that GIS Data (Contact vendor for more information) 
                                                                      Santino DePaul, Matt Kennedy Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI)

                                      11:15 – 12:00          Features & Benefits of HDPE Pipe  (Contact vendor for more information)      
                                                                      Peter Dyke,
Alliance for PE Pipe & Greg Ellwood, ISCO Industries


Afternoon - Thursday - October 18, 2018

  1:00 – 1:45                   Emerging Contamination Issues: The Groundwater, Surface Water & Wastewater Cycle
                                       Karen Benson, WSP USA

  1:45 – 2:15                  Introduction to Intrinsic Electric Safety
                                     John Lamp, NSI Neal Systems, Inc.

  2:15 – 3:00                Valve Exercising for Maintenance & Regulatory Compliance (Contact Vendor)
                                    Jeff Favina, ValveTek Utility Services, Inc.