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NEW! UAV Inspection, Photography and Mapping


If you operate a water system you probably have antennas mounted to your tank. Those antennas provide municipal revenue and better phone service, but do you  know what happened up there? Has the hatch been damaged or is your SCADA antenna hanging by a thread? Aerial inspections with a UAV is safe, quick and can locate issues before they become problems. 

Inspections with a UAV are effective ways to survey exterior tank conditions, coating and hardware without the risk and liabilities of climbing work crews. This is also a great way to document the overall  security and vulnerability of a water or wastewater utility.  

The drone and operator are insured and both registered with FAA to maintain compliance with FAA Part 107 requirements.   


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Coating & Exterior Inpsections

Pine Beach Coating Inspection

Download the insanely huge original image here

Tank Inspections

Decommissioned Water Tank


Construction Photography

Wharton Composite Tank


System Evaluation

Wastewater Treatment


Orthomosaic and 3D Mapping 

Original Site Photo
Elevation Model

Elevation Model


3D Aerial Mapping Demo
Orthomosaic Imagery

Orthomosaic Wastewater Plant

The orthomosaic image above was created from 80 individual images collected by the UAVs high resolution camera. A combination of computer software, mathematics and photogrammetry techniques makes it possible to stitch these images together to create a highly detailed image. The original image size was approximately 240 MB,  when viewed can show details like footprints, gear boxes and arrows on pipes indicating flow direction.