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Energy Efficiency Assistance

Energy Efficiency Technical Assistance

Energy Efficiency Technical Assistance Program is designed to promote energy efficient practices in small water and wastewater systems. Funded through a grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture Rural Utilities Service, the program performs energy assessments, recommends energy efficient practices and technologies, and provides support in following recommendations.

The Energy Efficiency Technical Assistance Program assists rural and small community water and wastewater systems in evaluating their energy needs, consumption, and costs; recommending measures to reduce energy consumption; and identifying potential funding sources for improvements. To this end, the Energy Efficiency Technician works with systems to develop system specific energy efficiency assessments that: identify/evaluate the billing rate structure of the electric utility that supplies energy to the system; make recommendations as to the optimum schedule for the operation of energy intensive equipment; the potential upgrade/retrofit/replacement of energy intensive equipment in the system; and the availability/source of funding for the upgrade/replacement of the equipment. The assessment also provides an estimated cost of equipment upgrades and an estimate of the payback period for those upgrades. 

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