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Letters of Support

New Jersey Water Association (NJWA) strives to provide reliable, efficient, and most of all quality support to water and wastewater systems throughout New Jersey. We have been privileged to provide services such as technical assistance, training, source water protection, UAV tank inspections, line location, GPS/GIS service, emergency response planning, leak detection, and board training free of charge through the federal United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) programs.

NJWA currently serves utilities under the following federal programs:


Circuit Rider Program
Wastewater Training and Technical Assistance
Sourcewater Protection Program
Energy Efficiency Circuit Rider Program


Training and Technical Assistance Program

New Jersey Water Association

Richard Howlett - Executive Director
Donna Winters - Office Manager
David Leister - Circuit Rider
Paul Britt - Circuit Rider
Mitchell Mickley - Sourcewater Protection
Thomas Tsismetzoglou - Wastewater Circuit Rider
Robert Dow - Energy Efficiency Circuit Rider
Matthew Maffei - Apprenticeship Coordinator

Letters of Support

We are respectfully requesting your continued support for the New Jersey Water Association (NJWA).

These letters of support act as visual evidence of the effectiveness of our programs and are written by you. The New Jersey Water Association provides a valuable service and we would like to continue our mission of helping water and wastewater systems throughout New Jersey.  Sample letters are available on our website to assist you in writing a letter of support.

The federal dollars that are appropriated to National Rural Water Association (NRWA) are distributed to the states permitting the NRWA state affiliates to provide vital training and hands-on technical assistance to water and wastewater systems. Without these programs, communities would lose a valuable resource, which assists them in maintaining safe drinking water and complying with wastewater standards set to protect the environment. This valuable service saves hundreds of thousands of dollars every year for these systems since the technical staff is available free of charge. Increased regulations and costs are already hitting these systems very hard. NJWA‘s training and technical assistance offered through the state is an essential resource to these communities struggling to provide safe drinking water and protect the environment they serve. 

Please mail letters on system letterhead. 

Mail To: 

New Jersey Water Association.
505 US Highway 9
Lanoka Harbor, NJ  08734
P: (609) 242-7111
Fax: (609) 242-7112

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New Jersey Water Association
505 US Highway 9
Lanoka Harbor, NJ 08734

Our circuit riders continue to assist water & wastewater systems throughout the pandemic with line locating and leak detection service. .

Our Sourcewater Protection Specialist travels throughout the state, assisting utilities with community outreach and supporting protection efforts for water, stormwater, and wastewater engagement.